Friday, October 7, 2011

Simple Steps to Healing NOW!

From the work of Naturopath, Osteopath & Chiropractor Randolph Stone

Four Steps to the Healing Process

1. AWARENESS~ Emotions, thoughts and physical sensations come into consciousness.

2. RESPONSIBILITY~ We realize external events may have triggered our response and are
100% responsible for them. No Blaming others

3. TRUST AND FAITH~ We acknowledge ourselves as spiritual beings and trust beyond
immediate feelings and sensations, affirming the perfection of all experience.

4. RELEASE/RE-MEMBERING~ We relax fully into experience, allowing the "charge" trigger
to become integrated into our beings. This creates a greater feeling of wholeness,
as disowned aspects of ourselves become remembered and reintegrated.


source: polarity therapy workbook, John Beaulieu, N.D, Ph.D R.P.P 1994co.

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